Pondoro – En bok av John Taylor

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Last of the Ivory Hunters

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Pondoro – En bok av John Taylor.
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Pondoro means lion in Chinyungwe. It was the name the natives gave to John Taylor when he first began to hunt in Africa on the lower Zambezi in the early part of the twentieth century. For more than thirty-five years, Taylor was a professional hunter, often out of touch with civilization for as long as three and four years at a time: Taylor said that he did not learn of WWII until some of his men brought back provisions wrapped in old newspapers–only then did he learn of the rest of the world wracked by war!

Find out what Taylor had to say about the most dangerous animal, how to get downwind of your elephant, what makes a man-eater and how to track it, how hippos navigate in water, when poisonous snakes attack, where to aim when an animal is charging you, and why zebras are considered bad-mannered creatures.

Taylor is considered one of the best storytellers in the hunting-book world, and Pondoro is highly entertaining. A quality reprint of this classic African big-game hunting title.

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