Smith & Wesson hagle Syntetisk – 1000 Series

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Flott halvautomatisk hagle fra Smith & Wesson.

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Flott halvautomatisk hagle fra Smith & Wesson.

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Smith & Wesson 1000 Series(TM)

The Smith & Wesson 1000 Series of semi-automatic shotguns has been designed with features that place the 1000 Series among the lightest weight and most reliable self-loading shotguns on the market. At the core of the new 1000 Series is a gas cylinder mechanism that has been uniquely engineered to deliver top performance, regardless of even the harshest conditions. Lightweight, durable and capable of handling today's hardest recoiling loads, the 1000 Series will initially be available in 29 separate configurations. Each shotgun in the 1000 Series will also feature a broad array of components and accessories to satisfy the needs of professional sportsmen as well as novice hunters.

The Smith & Wesson Elite Gold and Elite Silver Series of shotguns, as well as the new 1000 Series of semi-automatic shotguns, have been designed by Smith & Wesson and incorporate several pending patents. Because the series will be produced in facilities dedicated entirely to manufacturing Smith & Wesson shotguns, as opposed to private labeling, Smith & Wesson shotguns will be distinct and unique in the marketplace.

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Smith & Wesson


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