The Perfect Shot North American Big-Game Targets-Elk

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Perfect Shot North American Big-Game Targets-Elk.

5 Targets, 2×3 feet, Broadside view

We all know the saying “practice makes perfect,” and if you want to make each shot count while in the field, you need to shoot at targets that look like the animals you will be hunting.

We are now offering a package of five targets of elk. Each one of these targets is printed on both sides, the “standard” side on which you shoot and the “ghost view” side that will show you where you have hit the target.

Attach one of these posters to a cardboard back with the non-ghost-view side facing the shooter. Place it at the desired distance and shoot at the poster from positions simulating field conditions: off-hand, from shooting sticks, and so on. After firing a group of shots, detach the poster from the cardboard backing, turn the poster around, and look at the ghost view to see where you hit the target. Compared to the cost of a lost game animal, these targets are the smartest investment you can make for your safari (other than bringing a binocular).

Each Perfect Shot North American Big-Game Target package contains five posters. All views are broadside, and each poster is 2×3 feet.

To simulate a 100-yard shot on our elk target, place the poster at approximately 25 yards; to simulate a 200-yard shot, place it at 50 yards.

Keep in mind that in all cases the material upon which the target poster is placed as well as the frame holding the target up must be of a very soft material, such as carton. Standing very close to any target can be dangerous because a bullet hitting a hard object such as metal, stones, hard plastics, etc., will ricochet off the object. This will cause potentially lethal flying debris. Remember to keep a safe distance at all times; make sure you are shooting with a safe back stop for your bullet; and ALWAYS use very soft materials such as carton and tape to hold up your target.

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